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The Ragbaby Exchange provides an innovative approach to building self-esteem with continuous workshops using doll making as the vessel. The program takes deliberate steps in a process of discovery to bring a sense of acceptance of one’s emotional well-being and inner beauty.


Each step in making your fabric doll has been coordinated with self-esteem building lessons (i.e, while stuffing the body we talk about our body images and go over a variety of methods for health and awareness). The Ragbaby Exchange furthers the self-esteem program by teaching about diversity in other cultures and nations with it's exchange program. Helping others to discover the beauty of diverse cultures and people.


After the doll is completed, participants are encouraged to to exchange their dolls in one of three ways; exchange their doll to replace negative thoughts; gift their doll to a group or charity; and lastly exchange their dolls with a group or culture who also created dolls. Through The Ragbaby Exchange, you and others can begin to see the world differently and start the process to heal hearts and minds, creating an exchange of love and peace from something as simple as a doll!


The Ragbaby Exchange Programs are the following:

Your Inner Doll (YID) Workshop

• Recommended for Women, Ages 8-18


The Your Inner Doll Workshop is designed to help women and youth to achieve self-worth and accomplishment through heightened self-awareness in order to change negative self talk into positive self talk. The workshop takes deliberate steps in the process of discovery to bring a sense of acceptance of one’s emotional well being and inner beauty. It allows participants to:



• Express thoughts and emotions in healthy, growth inducing ways

• Gain a sense of accomplishment, which helps them move toward self-affirmation and  divine potential


•Learn to accept and value themselves

• See their inner and outer beauty expressed in the doll and share it.

Raising a SuperHero (RAS) Workshop

• Recommended for All Children Ages 4-10


The RAS Workshop empowers parents to help their children see and find their inner greatness. It helps parents to see how their child looks and feels about him or herself. RAS gives parents the opportunity to improve their child’s self-esteem and courage, while instilling the idea that everyone is capable of being extraordinary. Together the parent and child will create a doll in the image of their child as a superhero. While it is recommended for children and their parents, it is certainly a workshop that children can do with guided help, especially ages 7-10.


At completion children perform a ceremony of crossing over into SuperHero land. A reinforcement of their self-esteem.


Workshops are small and intimate, with a max of 20 participants per session. Each participant will receive a journal, and Ragbaby doll kit to use during the workshop and keep for personal use.


Packages vary by group size.




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The Ragbaby Exchange is a 501(c)3 Organization.